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If this is your first time hunting abroad, it can be a daunting task getting to grips with everything that happens in order to get your trophies back home safely, so we have composed a simplified summary of what you should expect after your outfitter has delivered the trophies and supporting documentation to us:

  1. Choose fully-processed or dip & pack
    If you have not yet made this choice, now is the time to decide whether you would like your trophies processed to a final product by Bull’s Eye, or if you would like us to treat them so that a taxidermist on your end can finish them completely.
  2. Payments & instructions
    Should you choose to have the trophies prepared for dip & pack, you will just need to confirm via email that all trophies & your personal details on the quote are listed correctly, and no deposit is required. Expect preparation time of around 3 months, provided we have received all the right documentation from your outfitter.

If you would like Bull’s Eye to do the full taxidermy on your trophies, we will work with you closely to list exactly what you would like done with everything – what turns on the shoulder mounts, which kind of base you would like on the lifesize mounts etc. We will also require a 50% deposit in order to proceed with the processing. Payment can either be made by way of wire transfer at your local bank, or by credit card through a secure payment link which we will set up for you for which there is a small fee. You can also consider paying in full in order to avoid 2 trips to the bank.

  1. Processing & preparation
    Once instructions are finalized & payment is received, we will book the order into the production queue & get started as soon as possible. We will automatically begin preparation with dip & pack orders if this is the option that you have chosen. When the order is nearly complete, we will be in contact with you & send through final invoice for payment. We will also arrange with our preferred freight company, African Legacy Logistics, to crate the trophies.
  1. Logistics
    Once African Legacy Logistics’ onsite crating team has finished with your crate, Brett will be in direct contact with you to assist you with the logistics of getting your crate to you.


REMEMBER – You are free to choose any taxidermist you please to handle your trophies, it is not a decision that should be forced on you. Also, it is always best to obtain of copy of the South African Professional Hunters Register, normally the first white copy of 4 which proves you completed a legal hunt and lists all the species taken. Believe it or not, there are many people selling hunts at below cost who are not even licensed to guide a foreign client, which is illegal – so never feel bad to ask for a current copy of the agents Professional Hunting permit and even more importantly, his or her Hunting Outfitter’s permit.


We look forward to seeing you soon! Happy hunting.