Arrive at the final destination


Shipping is largely the most overlooked aspect of the entire safari, yet a critical step in ensuring your invaluable trophies are handled with care and arrive at final destination in good order.

In the shipping industry size really does matter as you pay based on the crate volumetric size or actual weight, whichever is greater. To mitigate this, we ensure horns of all species where possible are detachable which greatly reduces the size of the crate needed to house the trophies safely throughout their journey.

We work closely with our approved freight forwarder, African Legacy Logistics, to ensure the entire shipping process is seamless and taken care of for you. View their website here-

Key points for you to know regarding the shipping process are detailed below. For more detailed information regarding shipping, or any additional queries, please contact us or African Legacy Logistics and we will be happy to assist:

  1. Permits & export documentation
    • The permit and paperwork process is started well in advance of your trophies being completed, so as not to delay the export of your trophies once we have finished production.
    • Certain CITES species may require an import CITES permit. You will need to apply for this from your local wildlife authorities prior to import. If there is any species in your shipment that will require an import CITES prior to shipping, we will notify you regarding this and can assist with providing the supporting documentation needed so you apply as far in advance as possible, as the turnaround times especially to the USA can be lengthy.
  2. Crating and packaging
    • This is done on-site by an experienced and skilled team. Trophies are secured to the inner walls of the crate and supports utilized to ensure appropriate protection.
    • Crates are custom built based on the exact space requirements of the trophies. Unlike some other operations, there is no excess or wasted space as we feel you should not pay unnecessarily for shipping empty space.
    • Contents are checked and signed off by both the taxidermy and freight forwarder representative before the crate is sealed.
    • Seals are also utilized and the numbers recorded at time of packing as an additional security and control measure.
  3. Freight Forwarding
    • Once your crate has been finalized, African Legacy Logistics will transport your crate via truck to Johannesburg and once checked into the warehouse and their system, will discuss shipping options, depending on your location and options available at the time of shipping.
    • While we highly recommend airfreight due to the reduced transit times, handling and therefore lesser risk, ocean freight is offered and can be a lot more cost effective, especially when shipping crates that are over 500kg chargeable weight. However we always recommend airfreight as there is less chance of damage likely to incur from all the extra handling and time delays. Irrespective, the costs and options will be clearly outlined and presented to you so you can make an informed decision of which mode and routing you would prefer.
    • To get more details regarding the shipping process, clink on the link below –
  1. Overseas Agents / Import broker
    • Upon arrival at destination, it is highly recommended that a import broker or agent is utilized to assist with the clearances of the shipment through customs, your home countries wildlife and agriculture authorities. They can also assist with the final delivery by road to your home or business address. We have an extensive network of agents/brokers who specialize in the clearance of trophies/game products and can happily recommend one if needed.
  2. Other key services pertaining to shipping
    • Liability protection cover – allows for peace of mind that from the time your trophies are collected from the taxidermy, you can rest assured that they will covered against damage or total loss up until the final point of delivery.
    • Imports into South Africa – we can also assist with all import functions relating to trophies that are destined for further processing in South Africa and thereafter for re-export. Our facility is fully approved to handle imports from anywhere in Africa and the rest of the world.