Hi Craig and family,


I can't tell you how happy I am, you really did an excellent job. I picked up the trophies last week and I've proudly showed them off to quite a few friends of mine. Everybody is amazed! I thank you very, very much for the excellent work.


Thank you again for your assistance and your quality work.






Trophies have arrived, and they are great!  Thanks for your expert work and especially your graciousness.  Hope to see you all in mid July.


Sam Maury - Florida, USA


We got the shipment of skins and mounts today, they look awesome!


Paul Beasley - Alabama, USA

Roelof, John, Trish, Charlene, & Frank

We received our trophies from our South Africa safari last Friday.  They all made it safe and sound and they all look great.  We appreciate all the hard work each of you did in conducting our safari, having the taxidermy done so well on our mounts, getting them shipped to the US expeditiously, having them clear customs in the US, and shipped to us in Texas.  They make Kathryn and me smile as we remember the awesome safari we had last year in South Africa.

We hope to travel to South Africa again in two years or so for another safari and hope to work with each of you again for that trip. 

I hope to see Frank, Roelof, & John at the Dallas Safari Club in Jan 2016.  Until then – thanks again.  The trophies look awesome!


s/f  Bugsy
Rolf Siegel - Fort Worth, TX USA 

Hello Trish and all the Bull's Eye staff.


I want to thank you all sincerely for your high quality of craftsmanship and service. My Cape Buffalo mount is first class! It's as good as any work that I have ever seen from Africa and North America, and much superior to any of the work that I have personally received in the past from South Africa.


These are the outstanding features of your product and service:


- Craftsmanship is excellent.

- Perfect balance of realism and artistic presentation.

- Substancial crate/packaging.

- Excellent communication, support and professional service.

- Top of the range service and product combined with very competitive pricing.


It is a great pleasure to deal with your firm. You have earned all my future business,


Thank you again ,


Brian Gallup - BC, Canada



Just to let you know the trophy has arrived in its new home in Oswestry. All is intact and in perfect condition. Thanks to you all for the most efficient way the process has been carried out from start to finish. I am very pleased with the mount and how lifelike the buff looks, thanks Trish and team.


I am very impressed with how rapidly the transit arrangements were expedited thanks to Charlene and team , together with Martin and The uk team.


Many thanks and best wishes to all concerned


Nick Richards - Shropshire UK



Just wanted to let you know that I have received all of my trophies. They are all in perfect condition and look great. I couldn't be happier!


I will let all my hunting buddies know about the outstanding job you and Bullseye did for me! They were delivered exactly as promised without any issue.


Charlene at Zengela Forwarders was very easy to work with and all went exactly as advertised. Thanks so much for recommending them. I look forward to working with you again soon as I should be back in Africa with Craig again next year.


All the best,


Downey Bridgwater - Texas, USA


Hi Craig & Trish,


Hope all is going well there in SA!


The trophies look SO GOOD!!!


Thanks for all your hard work and keeping Sadaka's and Bullseye's names


Take care,


Robbert & Krisiti Bennett - USA

Good morning all


I received my shipment on friday and got everything unpacked over the weekend.


Craig and trish you did a magnificent job! I can’t decide which one i like the most. They all are special. The gentleman i work with that was going to have you do his mounts but changed his mind, because he wasn’t going to be able to pay for it in 6 months, after seeing these is kicking himself for not having you do the work.


Again, i would like to thank you all for your support, suggestions, and quality of workmanship. I would recommend your services to anyone who asked. I could not ask for better trophies.


Thanks again


Guy Bryner - USA

On matters of business, we cannot say enough in support of Craig and the staff at Bullseye Taxidermy.  They have been most timely (ahead of schedule) and most communicative regarding the processing of our trophies.  All charges/fees and such are exactly as agreed upon when we met Craig at  in Vaalwater at your office. Truly a first class operation.  


They forwarded our mounts to a shipper who responded with a mound of paperwork (as expected) the charges were a higher than anticipated but nobody can estimate shipping and such which hinges on fuel costs and exchange rates.  


Again, thanks for sending along the Kwalata items (shirts, aprons and such) with Anthony Corder.  

Peace and blessings to both of you and your staff,


Chad Zielinski - USA



The kudu and impala are fantastic ! Thank you so much for the amazing work. Gus's impala is now up in his bedroom, a distant look in his eye. We imagine he is looking across the plains, failing to see a small boy with a big rifle creeping up on him ! A very handsome beast and beautifully mounted. Gus had the backskin on his bed, last night. I do not think there are many children in London who sleep under skins !


My kudu is up on our staircase. The fixing involved ropes and ladders, and a lot of head scratching. But he looks really good, and everybody coming in through our front door will see him.


Both animals are truly wonderful works of art. A big thank you to all at Bullseye.


We are back in South Africa next Easter 2013. I have not drawn up my hunting wish list, yet, but whatever it is will be sent straight to Bullseye.


TANYA - I love my bag. Rather, Rebecca loves her bag. Great colour and I'm glad I waited for the red thread. The bag is much bigger than I had imagined, which is only useful. More room for stuff ! Thank you very much.


CHARLENE - What a wonderful crate. We took off our inner front door and dismantled a cupboard to get it in the house - it has been raining a lot in London, and I did not want to risk damaging the trophies by unpacking in the road. I am now dismantling the empty crate to get it back out of the house ! Thank you for arranging the shipping. Everything worked well, and Martin at Rainbow processed this end really quickly. All together, a good job.


Thank you all for a first class job.


Best regards,


Hamish McLellan - London UK

.. have been delivered this morning at home… everything looks ok.


Many thanks for your excellent business services


All the best


Eric de Lavenne - Paris, France

Just a word of thanks for the work done. We have received our trophies and must say, are well impressed by what you have presented. Many thanks to all concerned!


Kind Regards,


Pierre Reeves - South Africa


Trish and Craig,


Received the mounts and have them hung in my house in the country.

They have exceeded all my expectations, absolutely stunning. Nothing but complements from all who have seen them.


Beautiful work.


Attached are pictures of the mounts hung in my living room. Enjoy!


Best regards,


Walt Thomas - Florida USA




You are awesome my friend, that giraffe pedestal is beautiful!!


Joe Collett – Alvin Texas, USA


Hi Trish


Hope you are both well and Ii am really happy with the wonderful job you did on my African animals I got last week. I will recommend Bull's Eye Taxidermy to other Australian hunters and hope I get back to South Africa soon and thank you very much.


All the best.


Paul Power – Queensland, Australia


Dear Trish, Charlene, and Dean,


I hope that all is well with you all. Today I received the trophies from the Broker. Trish....the trophies are very well prepared. Thank you, and already they are hanging at the walls of the living and hunting/study room.


Carlene.....although the trophies arrived one week later all was good. The travel box was excellent. At the Broker I observed other trophies in different travel boxes. Yours was the best (mentioned by the Broker). Thanks!


Dean.....Wiek is telling me all the telephone calls with you (ok, almost all!). We hope to see you in May at the farm and hunting in your field.


Dear all, I hope to see you in May and also to use your activities/work in the near future.


Kind regards


Harald Rettig – Holland


Hi Trish,


Happy New Year to you too! Yes indeed, receiving the trophies in time for Courts party was absolutely a miracle. Since the party, I have had time to really admire and look at the animals and they are beautiful and majestic.


I can just imagine what your country must look like to hold such beautiful creatures. I also want to say, your kindness and professionalism has touched me greatly. I honestly feel I have made a new friend, even though you are so far away. Always feel free to drop a line now and again just to say hi and I will do the same.


Thank you again, it was a definite pleasure working with you.


Best regards,


Nola Lee on behalf of Court King – California, USA


Hello Trish.


My most sincere compliments to you guys for the beautiful mounts, they are incredibly nice I will not hesitate to use your services again on my next trip to Africa.


Thank you very much.


Frank Herrero – California, USA


Good morning Trish,


Thank you for wonderful work on our animals. Next time we come to Africa we will use you again. We are passing the word out about Bullseye Taxidermy , when customers ask who we used.


You have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I will send pictures of the mounts in the shop, when we get them.


I will keep in touch


Steve & Cherie Minks – Sante Fe, Texas, USA


Hey Craig,


Thanks for doing such a great job on the mounts. If they look as good in person as they do in the pictures, you have one satisfied customer that will be back! I'm sure you will also be hearing from a few friends of mine once they see them.


Great job!


Wes Reagan - Texas, USA




I have received my Horns back from Bullseye Taxidermy in Africa, and I can not be more happy with how they turned out. I attempted to describe what had been done for me with these mounts, to several people, and words can do it no justice.


Thanks again, and keep in touch


Chris Chudzy - Tyndall, Canada




Just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived and I’m very pleased with the work. The kudu looks great and I’m very impressed with the Caracal full-body mount. 


Thank you for doing such a fine job. Thanks again for the great work.


Mike Reeves - Idaho, USA


Hey There Craig,


The trophies arrived great!!


Very pleased, we are returning in August for more!!


Sean Flynn - Los Angeles, USA


When another friend and I were in the Johannesburg area a couple weeks ago, we got a chance to meet Craig, owner of Bullseye Taxidermy, and very thoroughly look at Craig’s shop and his work. His shop is very orderly, his work exceptionally nice, and his prices and schedule very attractive. It was an easy decision for my friend and me to leave his leopard, my hippo, and various other work with Craig. Gerhard uses them for most of Sheldrake’s work.


I was very impressed with Craig’s work, the orderliness of his shop, and just in general with how he operates. You’d see some very interesting taxidermy and get a chance to talk with Craig about his work. I’d strongly encourage you to have Craig do your taxidermy and arrange shipping of the completed mounts. I think you’d be extremely happy with his work, turn-around time, and prices—all much superior to what you’d experience if you have work done here in the States—and far easier in Oklahoma to import finished taxidermy than unfinished pieces.


Warm regards,


Mike Mistelske - Oklahoma, USA


Hi Craig, 


I have had a competent taxidermist come and look at the trophies before I uncrated them. the opinions were....The work is very impressive, outstanding even.


They are wonderful. I'll send a picture when I get them up..




James Turner - Ohio, USA

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